Hot Tips & Tricks for The Scripts

Resend Verification – Some members may not get the verification email the first time round, it could be for a number of reasons. So it’s a good idea at least once or twice a day, or whenever you login to the admin area to click the button ‘Resend Verification’ this will send a quick note to all unverified accounts telling them to verify their account and become a member.

Manually Verify Accounts – They may be times when you need to manually verify a members account. They may not have received the verification email, or it may not have been clickable. Use this link and replace with their username and email address that they signed up with. Note that by doing this, they may not always receive future emails as I could be getting sent to their spam box. It’s good to ask them to check their spam boxes for the email, but if all else fails use this link and enter into your browser address bar:
If their account is still in the system, this will verify it and send them straight to the OTO if it is activated.

Login To Members Account – This can be done by clicking a user name under ‘View Members’ but you can also use this link and add their username to the end replacing MEMBERNAME:

Ad Board Script & AutoPost Ads – When a member buys an AutoPost Ads subscription or through a login offer, ads will be added automatically. In other cases you may need to add AutoPost Ads to a members account. In the admin under “Add Ads to Member’ when entering ad amounts etc. on the level section, if a member is currently not active with AutoPost Ads then you’ll need to enter for the level:  1
Entering 1 will activate that member for AutoPost Ads.

Making sure Paypal IPN is active – For the scripts to automatically upgrade members and add advertising to their accounts, Paypal IPN needs to be always active. Occassionally Paypal seems to switch this off, so if members aren’t receiving ads etc then this could be the problem. Following details below to make sure IPN is active.

Login ot Paypal
Goto ‘Profile’
Left menu ‘My Selling Tools’
Then ‘Update’ for (Instant payment notifications – Integrate PayPal payment notifications with my website.)
Make sure this is the Notification URL:
Make sure Message Delivery is: Enabled

DOWNLOAD: Download this zip file with the paypal_default_ipn.php file to upload to your site through cPanel or a file manager.


Referral Builder – Add your favorite traffic sites and other programs that you are a member of to the downline builder section. Members will join these sites under you, and then have the option to add their referral link so their referrals will sign up under them. This is a great place to put all your best money making sites. To make a banner show you simply put this html code and replace the banner image link to the site you are promoting. Make sure not to include your affiliate link URL in this code. Put that in the Default URL box. Only put the image code like this eg.
<img src=”” border=0>

Autoresponder Tool – Be sure to setup your autoresponder email series. You can use this to promote other sites and products, or use it to let your members know about the features and benefits of upgrading their account to a higher level. By keeping in touch with your members you develop a relationship with them. They will start to know, like and trust you which is essential to build relationships and create a lasting business online.

Add Your Favorite Affiliate Programs – Take full advantage of being the admin and add a ton of advertising to your own membership account, so you can setup whatever ads you like. For example, you could give yourself x10 banners with 1,000,000 thats one million views. These will rotate along with the other members ads. It will ensure your site will always have ads showing so your site looks good at all times. Warning: Be careful to not add a huge number like 1 million banners to your account because this will overload the database and crash your site!

Approving Ads Daily – Login every day to check for ads that need approving. Make sure they have submitted the banners correctly and you only see the banner. Sometimes members will add html code to a banner and you will see a broken link image and maybe some code. Don’t approve these ads because they will only mess up your site. Keep it clean by only approving 468×60 banners or 125×125 or whatever the correct size should be. Make sure they have entered the full URLs with http://www. and full urls for facebook and twitter etc.

Sending Solo Email Ads (AdExchange Script) – You can change the frequency of when the Solo Ads in the system will be sent. This is done through your cPanel and with the Cronjobs that were initially setup with the script. All you need to do is change the Hour:  eg. Every Six Hours (4 times daily)  or Every Four Hours (6 times daily)

Things Not To Do

Never Spam – Never spam your members with junk emails. No body likes an admin that is constantly sending them junk and nothing to do with your site. Try to send them emails about your site, with new ad package offers, free promo codes, updates on your facebook page etc. This is a great way to get them using you site and engaging.

Don’t Lower Prices – You shouldn’t be giving away too much advertising or making prices really low. You want you site to be valuable and not to undermine other sites like these.

Setting Up Payza as 2nd Payment Processor

Setting Up Payza – Paypal is one of the most popular payment processors online and the majority of people use and pay using Paypal. It’s a good idea to have a second option though, as some people either don’t like Paypal or cannot use it in their country, or they may have funds in Payza that they want to spend. You wouldn’t want to miss a sale, so a second payment option can be added if this is what you want. There are some steps you need to complete to set Payza up properly so it all works with your website.

Step #1: Login to your Payza account and click on ‘Business’ (Tools for your online business) then ‘Websites’then ‘Add A Website’

Step #2: You need to fully complete this page with all details for your site to be accepted. Below are some details to help you out that you can enter.

Please choose the category that best describes your business
Home-based business

Describe your business model, including your business offerings, purpose and operations
A membership site providing tools, resources and advertising for businesses. Members can upgrade their accounts to receive more benefits and resources etc.

Do you offer an affiliate program?
All members are instant affiliates and get commissions on sales when promoting their own unique link. Promo banners and resources are provided.

Does your website have a members’ area?

If yes, please provide the necessary information to access the members’ area
[You can provide a test account or temporary account for them to access. You’d need to signup to create a new account.]

How does your website generate revenue?

Approximately how many days after ordering is the product/service delivered to the customer?
Customers receive their purchases instantly after buying.

How is the service you sell provided to the customer?
All purchases are instantly added and will show in their members account.

Who supplies your products and/or services?
The membership script automatically processes all purchases and applies to a members account.

How do you advertise your business?

How do you detect and prevent fraudulent transactions?
All members have their IP address recorded, and can only create one account. They would purchase with the members area so they would have provided name, email and contact details etc.

Copy & paste your Terms of Service
[Go to your terms of service page to copy & paste all content. You’ll find it here: ]

Enter the URL containing your Terms of Service

Copy & paste your Refund Policy
[Copy and paste the Refunds section on the terms page.]

Enter the URL containing your Refund Policy

Do you own and control the website?

Step #3: Once the above step is complete, you may need to wait for them to approve your site.
At some stage they will ask for the IPN address. You must put this url as the IPN:

[Note: Payza used to be called AlertPay but changed their name so any reference to AlertPay means Payza]

Then login to your Admin Area of your site and add you Payza email address and Security Code that you will receive from them.




How to Increase Sales with Special Offers

Special Offers – It can be a good idea to create special offers for members, a good one is for say 48 hours only you’ll give 50% discount on the highest account upgrade, VIP or JV Partner account etc. Change the price and then at the very end of the offer page html under ‘Edit Pages’ put the exact end date for the offer in red and say limited time only etc. Email all members and let them know about the special deal and give them the details to login to their account and check it out. Be sure to stick to the limited time offer and change it once the time is up.

Fresh Login Offer Deals – Every so often it’s a good idea to update your login offer pages to keep your site fresh. Come up with a new ad package idea. Eg. x10 Banners Ads and x10 Hotlink Ads. Or x10 Autopost Ads if you have the Ad Board Site Script. Or lower the price of account upgrades and give them a special deal, say it’s for a limited time only and then change the offer at some point with a new one.

Add Bonuses To Offers – Increase the value of your account upgrades and offer pages by adding extra bonuses for members. It could be an upgrade or advertising on another site you own, or a PLR product they can download, or it may be extra advertising credits e.t.c

Give Away Ads – Giving away ads with promo codes to your members can get them logging into your site, seeing offers and giving you more chances to make sales. HOT TIP: Create a Facebook fanpage for you website and then create a post giving away free ads using the special promo code. Tell them to activate the ads in their account they need to ‘like’ the post and then say to make a comment like ‘thanks’ or ‘free ads’ and whatever word you want them to type. This is a great way to build likes and activity on your facebook page and to get people logging into your site and using it!

How to use Autoresponders to Make Money

Setup the Autoresponder – All of the membership sites scripts have a built in autoresponder service that can send emails to members every day, every 2 day etc. Simply add new emails to the sequence and it’s all done for you on autopilot! You can use this to promote other sites and products, or use it to let your members know about the features and benefits of upgrading their account to a higher level. Imagine how powerful having 10 emails letting them know about the benefits of upgrading, each sent 3 days apart. That would be a whole month of keeping in touch with your members. You can also email them anytime you like through the ‘Contact All’ section in the admin area. This won’t effect the autoresponder sequence at all, so nothing to worry about there. Using the autoresponder is a very powerful feature you should be using.

How to Sell Your Site

Sell Your Site – You may want to sell your membership website for whatever reason. The price you sell your site for will be based on several factors including how many members you have, how much traffic you get, and how profitable your site is. Also, whatever you are happy to get for it and willing to let it go for. At least the price you paid for it, or you may want to sell for less to get a quick sale.. it’s all up to you.

Sites to Sell On – You can sell your site on these websites. They will charge you some kind of fee to sell your website. It’s a good idea to provide as many details as you can about your website so your buyers are completely informed of how great your site is!

Flippa – This is probably one of the most popular sites to sell your site on. There are lots of people looking to buy profitable websites. If you are generating traffic and getting sales then these are great stats to add to your profile to help sell the site.