Frequently Asked Questions

My name is Phil, a website designer & internet marketer from sunny Nelson, New Zealand. Since 2008 I have helped hundreds of clients with graphics and setting up their own sites through my old site

At the start of 2014 I bought the traffic membership site scripts from Frank Salinas and from Greg Chadwick.

I’m delighted to share with you my new site offering my knowledge, the very latest updated scripts & my design services to create you Custom Profitable Membership Sites.

My custom membership sites and scripts give you a proven & automated system to build a lasting business online.

Email me right now and let’s get started on your new site.

If you are looking for a lasting business online then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Owning an advertising membership site is one of the best proven ways to build a successful business online.

There’s nothing more disappointing spending months, even years trying one opportunity to the next, buying all sorts of products and courses.. only to end up right where you started.

With so many internet marketing products and scams out there, it can be sometimes be impossible to separate the truth from the lies.

If you have experienced this, then I know exactly how you feel. Believe me I’ve been there too!

You feel frustrated because you’re trying to figure everything out on your own and nothing you do seems to get you to that next level.

Look no further!

A ‘Script’ is the code, files and database that makes your membership site work. It includes an Admin Control Panel, Members Area and all the necessary files and coding to automate features of the sites.

These scripts are created using PHP. Under the ‘Edit Pages’ section, Admin can add html that updates certain parts of your site e.g. offer pages, members area, front page, login ads etc..

There a tons of areas to edit, making these scripts very easy to customize!

NOTE: If I setup the site for you, you don’t need to know any technical knowledge at all, these sites are easy to operate and take little time!

Read customer Testimonials and Case Studies from happy membership site owners.

Requirements for the Script to work: Domain Name, Hosting Account, Graphics

All the scripts have a Free membership account allowing anyone and everyone the chance to signup. This means least resistance on the front end getting you more members and people using your site.

Members signup free to use the tools on the sites including posting banner & text ads to get traffic, cloaking links etc.

After signup each member is taken through the built in sales funnel that these scripts have, including one time offers, downsells, upsells, login offers etc. Free members can upgrade their accounts to a higher levels or purchase advertising. Members will purchase banner ads, text ads, login ads, solo email ads, full page ads, autopost ads and a range of other options.

You as the Admin will receive all payments for these ads and upgrades to your payment processor account.

It is easier than you think to run a membership site. Even with a popular successful site you won’t have to deal with many support issues. The Script takes care of everything! Everything is automated and everything is super easy and profitable!

If you have some tech experience and know what you are doing and want to get your own domain name, setup hosting, get graphics designed and then set it all up, then you should get one of the Scripts by itself.

Or the easiest option is to get a completed Custom Membership Site, or one of the Sites For Sale that are ready to go. Everything will be done for you. You basically need to choose your own domain for a custom site or just choose one of the sites available for sale.

Your membership site will need a Domain Name e.g. and a Hosting Account which stores all your site files, database and email accounts etc.

I can offer affordable hosting to clients of mine through starting at $6.95 monthly and domain names for $19.95 yearly.

Or if you purchase one of the sites for sale, then I can transfer domain name to your current registrar and transfer the site to your hosting account.

Why host with me?

I know that my Scripts work perfectly with the servers plus I will be able to assist you faster if you ever need support or a site update, mod added etc.

NEW! Check out the completely new mobile responsive members area & cPanel for my hosting clients! servers now have the very latest version of WHM & cPanel 64.0 as well as the new ‘Paper Lantern’ responsive cPanel theme. You can now access your hosting on the go!

Even if you are new to internet marketing you can be the admin of a site! There are video tutorials to help you out plus support from Phil. All scripts and site owners get access to with resources to help your site be a success!

to be shown on the site. The script runs runs everything else on auto-pilot!

How much time is required to run my site?

You will be amazed at how easy it is. You can spend as little as 5 minutes a day to maintain your site. These sites are set up to run on auto-pilot, accept for approving premium advertising that members purchase. The main thing is to login daily and approve members ads to ensure that members post appropriate content and banners are the correct size etc and don’t appear as broken links.

A few minutes is all you need to spare. Although you could spend hours a day on your site to make it better than ever! The more you put in the more you get out, so get promoting!

New site owners get access to that has huge lists of traffic sites where you can promote your site for free. There are currently over 25 top traffic sites with promo codes to get free ads! Once you have some members, you’ll want to encourage them to promote your site as an affiliate using the 8 banners and other promo resources included in each site. They will send traffic to your site and helps you get signups and upgrades. As the Admin you can email all members with offers time to time!

These sites give anyone and everyone the opportunity to take the next easy step to success by being the owner of a profitable membership site. I enjoy the creative process of putting these sites together and enjoy giving others the chance and excitement of owning their own membership site. It’s a proven way to build a lasting business using the latest internet marketing strategies and formulas for success.

There are many ad exchanges and different types of these sites out there but that’s a great thing as they are the perfect place to advertise your sites on! Members don’t just signup to one site, they probably use a lot of sites, just like you and I do to build our downlines. They’ll be used to your site and sign up with ease. There’s also plenty of people online that love these sites. I’ve had over 39,000 people signup to over the years. Get building you downlines today and the best way is with membership sites!

You might be wondering how much you’ll need to invest to get your own profitable custom membership site.

That’s a fair question given that in the past the only way to create sites like mine was to hire a coder, graphic designer and web designer, then spend thousands of dollars to have them code a script and work out a ton of ideas, features, settings, debugging, writing sales copy, graphics etc.. just for a membership site to operate.

However, because I have the experience and now the new owner of these scripts, having bought from my friend Frank Salinas who put a lot of wealth and knowledge into the scripts as well! All the expensive development process and hard costly work has been done for you!

Today you can get stated with your very own custom profitable membership site for just $127 for the Script and $397 for a site ready to go with graphics.

Pricing varies depending if you want the script to install yourself, for me to design a complete custom site or buy one of the ready-to-go sites for sale.

Once you own a site, you only need to renew the domain name and your hosting account to keep the site online. I can offer my clients secure & affordable hosting starting at $6.95 monthly and can now offer domain names for $19.95 yearly.

Refunds are currently not given on any products or services ordered.

All purchases of Custom Sites, Sites For Sale, Scripts and other products or services on including are final and non refundable once purchase is completed.

All services and products require time and support so no refunds can be given unlike expected with other digital products, downloads, membership account upgrades etc.

Be sure to check out the Admin Demos for the scripts and Member Areas to make an informed buying decision.

These membership sites have sales funnels that are proven to work, so I am sure you will love your new site and be profiting in no time!

This could be your investment of a lifetime!

Unlike some products with just a sales page and downloads to training that customers may never use.. Membership Sites get people coming back day after day, year after year.

You’ll have new visitors signing up daily to use the tools and features of your membership site.

All members are instant affiliates, helping you to refer others, increasing your traffic! Also helping to get more people on your list and generating you more sales!

Imagine opening your email inbox every morning and seeing new signups and sales notifications from new members from all around the world. That’s what I want for you, and I know it’s what you want for yourself, so order a custom membership site now and let’s get you started.

The missing link you’ve been searching for.. to finally turn your hopes and dreams into reality is just a few clicks away. Think about it.. you’ve been trying to make money online by yourself for far too long. It’s time to take action now!

If you’re ready to come onboard and discover the joys of owning a membership site, then go ahead and choose either of these options: Create A Site Yourself, Custom Sites Done For You or Membership Sites For Sale.

Be sure to check out the members area and demo admin areas for each script.

What is a 'Site Script'?

A ‘Script’ is the code, files and database that makes your membership site work. It includes an Admin Control Panel, Members Area and all the necessary files and coding to automate features of the sites. These scripts are created using PHP. Under the ‘Edit Pages’ section, Admin can add html that updates certain parts of your site e.g. offer pages, members area, front page, login ads etc.. There a tons of areas to edit, making these scripts very easy to customize! NOTE: If I setup the site for you, you don’t need to know any technical knowledge at all, these sites are easy to operate and take little time! Read customer Testimonials and Case Studies from happy membership site owners. Requirements for the Script to work: Domain Name, Hosting Account, Graphics

What Others Are Saying
  • ‘As an Internet Marketer for over 17 years, I have worked with several Internet Marketers, but no one, and I mean no one stands out in terms of service like Phil from During my 17 years of Internet Marketing I don’t lightly give out a testimonial to anyone, unless that individual has proven him/herself well-deserving. I have used Phil’s services time and time again and he he has never failed me. As you may know, customer support is what is often lacking in this business, but Phil is the exception in this area. He’s always willing to help and yes, he works with you until your problem is resolved. If you’re thinking about building a real online presence with a real online business, then you MUST TRY his custom membership sites for yourself. I have a network of theses sites which are my money makers. I am sure you will join me later in expressing similar sentiment about Phil’s services.’ –

    Henry Lake
  • ‘I was impressed with Phil’s sites but I needed something specific.  Phil was able to pinpoint my goals and made modifications to set me up with the exact site I was looking for. From the launch Phil continued to earn my trust with reliable support and patience.  Phil is one of the “Good Guys” in the business and I recommend him without reservation.’ –

    Ben Olszewski
  • ‘If you are still searching for your ideal online business, or if you have one, but you need to enlarge it and build a quality list for it. Then owning one of Phil’s Custom Membership Sites should be your very next step. Do not hesitate, just go for it. Phil will do his best to help you out and you will have your own site in no time. All of his creations are clean and visually attractive. He will work with you on your ideal graphics and will accommodate all your preferences. You do not need any extra knowledge, the admin panel is intuitive and simple to move around, there is nothing harder than in any average backoffice panel. All together, I highly recommend Phil’s sites and service!’ –

    Merry Makowski
  • ‘I would highly recommend a membership site to anyone who is serious about making money online. The setup process was very smooth and problem free. My website was up and running the very next day after purchasing. Phil also provides excellent customer support and is always there to answer any questions you may have. Rest assured you’re getting a very lucrative business from a very supportive seller. I never regretted my decision to purchase a membership site. Thanks!’

    Kerry Cole
  • ‘I have been wanting my own membership site for a long time and I can only thank Phil for making it happen. Not only I got it, but it is also fully featured with everything a marketer and site owner needs to succeed. It has been very profitable and this is just the start! Phil himself, is a top guy, always available for any questions and great costumer support. Not only that, my affiliates are having a kick promoting my site. So thanks for the design and the included features that makes affiliates happy to promote it even further, as they too are making great commissions from it!’ –

    Bruno Duarte
  • ‘After seemingly countless Google searches and checking out site after site, I FINALLY found what I was looking for when I met Phil at  I have seen and regrettably purchased some “not so professional” scripts in my day.  I knew there had to be someone out there offering top quality solutions at a reasonable price. Having been online a while, I leaned to begin a dialogue first with vendors to “feel them out”, if you will, before I Paypal my hard earned money. Phil earned my trust immediately, answered all my questions, and subsequently, I purchased a script. The beauty part is that he continued his excellent customer service after the sale!  He promptly addressed every concern I had until I was completely satisfied, which is a breath of fresh air!  Props to Phil and I’m looking forward to expanding my business using his services.’ –

    Nathan Gurley
  • ‘I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars every year since 2007 from owning advertising sites and Phil now owns the main scripts that helped me achieve that success! Phil knows these scripts like the back of his hand and knows how to over-deliver when it comes to helping site owners succeed online. If you want to get into the Internet advertising space and turn it into a long-term profitable business Phil is the go-to guy to help you. You can’t go wrong with Phil in your corner.’ –

    Frank Salinas
  • ‘I’ve always wanted to have my own downline builder site for years.  Since I’m not very tech savvy it just seemed like a pipe dream. Thanks to Phil’s custom membership sites my dream has finally come true!  His sites are top notch and he provides great support.  When I’m ready to launch my next site I will be buying from Phil again.  Thank you Phil for the opportunity you provide.’

    Aaron Ballantyne
Everything Included With Your Site
Exclusive Bonuses

Get some great bonuses with your new membership site! The VIP upgrades are worth over $1000!

FREE Script Installation

The membership site script will be installed on a hosting account with all settings done correctly. (Worth $29)

Domain Name

Can be transferred to your registrar, or keep with me & get 1 year extra w/

Membership Site Script

Professional membership site script & license. This runs your whole admin and members area! (Worth $99)

Autoresponder Tool

Built in autoresponder tool allows you to send messages to all members on auto-pilot! (Save on other services!)

Hosting Account

No hassles 3 months FREE hosting with Transfer or continue (Worth $20)

Site Graphics + Banners

NOW MORE! Get great looking site graphics & now x12 banner sizes for your affiliates to use (Worth $168)

Affiliate Program

Built-in affiliate program with x12 banners and other resources for affiliates to promote your site with!

Exclusive Site Owner Bonuses
Hosting Account

No hassles 3 months FREE hosting with Transfer or continue (Worth $20)

Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Fanpage to match your new site. Includes graphics, action button + 1st post with link. (Worth $49)

Tips & Resources access with tips, training & resources to make your site a success! (Worth $197)

Upgrades on 11 Sites

2 NEW! Upgraded to the highest levels on all my sites for higher commissions and advertising. (Worth $1337)

List Building Resources

Access to training & resources at Increase your knowledge of listing building!

Personal Support

Support from Phil to answer your questions & get everything running smoothly.

OK, I’m ready to get started, what do I do now?

If you’re ready to come on-board and discover the joys of owning profitable membership sites,
then start with one of these options:

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