This traffic site is using our Ad Board Script 2.0. Finally, your chance to have a lasting online business! A great domain name 100% complete with sales funnel, auto-responder tool, built in affiliate program with promo banners, pre-written solo email ads plus a ton of other cool features that both you and your members will love!



This profitable traffic site is using our Ad Board Script. It has a great domain name and is 100% complete with all features, graphics, content and offers! Simply enter your payment processor details and you are ready to profit. Change and edit the sites and add your affiliate programs and banners through-out the members area.

Domain: – Transferred into your name or to your domain registrar for full ownership.

Functionality: 100% Complete with all features, graphics, content and offers.. ready for you to launch!

Build A List: Membership sites are like building a list. You will have a list of members to send promo emails to. Set the Autoresponder to send a series of emails automatically.

Affiliates: All members are instant affiliates with their unique referral link, x12 banners in all the standard sizes plus pre-written text ads, splash pages plus more!

Profitable: Very profitable and great converting One Time Offers, Downsells, Login Offers and Level Upgrades. There are 9 offer pages in total in the Ad Exchange.

Admin Advertising: Add your own favorite affiliate links all throughout the site, 468×60 banners, 125×125 banners, login ads, logout ads plus more spots.

Hosting: This site is currently on its own hosting account which you can simply take ownership of yourself if you have one of our Hosting Accounts. Or, this site can be transferred to your current hosting service provider. Our hosting is recommended to ensure your site runs smoothly.

Ownership: You will be emailed the Admin login details after payment. The domain name can be transferred to your own registrar and the site can be transferred to your hosting account. Unless you keep domain and hosting with me at

Support: Get access to Membership Site Success, a membership training area for admins only. You can also email Phil directly for support.

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How do these Membership Sites make money?

Members signup free to use the tools on the membership site e.g. posting free ads to get traffic, cloak links or build their downlines. They are then taken through the special built in sales funnel that these scripts have. Free members have the chance to upgrade their accounts to a higher level that comes with premium advertising that is shown through-out the site. You receive the payments for these ads and upgrades.

How Membership Sites Work


Ad Board Membership Site uses the Ad Board Script

Ad Board Script 2.0 – The original by Frank Salinas but has now been bought by Phil @  This new version of the script available has had over 10 years of updates, bug fixes and newer mods similar to whats on, added to the original script since 2008. There are old versions online being sold by people that shouldn’t be selling it, and are selling it cheap. When you purchase my Ad Board Script 2.0.. you can be assured this version is the best out there with a ton of cooler mods added like AutoPost Ads, Members Profile feature, New Admin Area, 3rd Level VIP Upgrade plus a ton more updates that make this script the best!


Ad Board Script Features

Below shows you each page and section in the Admin Area of the Ad Board Script.



  • Start Here / Tutorials – Admins have access to the video tutorial links for the script.
  • Approve Ads [Daily] – This is where the admin needs to login and come to every day to check and approve ads. Don’t approve ads with broken links or wrong banner sizes etc.
  • Main Site Settings – This is where most of the core settings are edited. (Main Admin Settings list below)
    • Set the Admin login name and password
    • Payment options for Payza
    • Set a Bounce Email and password
    • Set signups as Pro members
    • Auto-referrals for Upgraded members
    • Allow Sign Ups From Same IP Address
    • Referral Contest Date
    • Script Affiliate URL
    • Set pricing for PRO and VIP account upgrades
    • Set payment interval, monthly, yearly, lifetime
    • Set pricing of advertising in dollars & credits
    • Set referral commission amounts for each level
    • Set credit amount each level gets for referrals
    • Set post frequency each membership level receives
    • Set how long each post last for on each level
    • Set VIP promo code daily settings
    • Set amount of Rotators each level receives
    • Set AutoPost Ads feature settings and prices
    • Set Profile Links section and how many links each level receives
    • Edit Meta tags for Description and Keywords
    • Edit the main font type, colors, navigation rollover
    • Set how many Viral Link Cloaker links each level receives
  • Commissions Owed – Shows what members are owed commissions. Commissions can be downloaded into a text file so that admin can pay commissions!
  • Contact All Members – Ability for admin to email all members, just Free members, any level upgraded member, or only members that joined after a certain date!
  • Autoresponder Tool – Admin can setup automated emails with the build in autoresponder tool. Set the level of membership for each email or send to all. Set the days apart that each email is sent.
  • Resend Verification – This sends the verification email to all members to haven’t yet verified their account. Script Automatically deletes all unverified accounts after 24 hrs!
  • Logout – Admin can log out of their account.


  • Edit Pages [HTML] – This is where you can add and edit the html content for your site. The front pages, offer pages, members area pages etc.
  • Edit Navigation Menu – Create new menu items for members, re-order them or activate for certain membership levels only.
  • Navigation Banners (125×125) – Admin can add their favorite 125×125 banners to get shown randomly with other members banners.
  • Referral Builder – Admin can add unlimited sites to their downline builder. Members will join under each other helping everyone build downlines and signups.
  • AdBoard Categories – Admin can create and delete categories that automatically creates a new page and members can post to that category.


  • Add Ads To Member – Admin can manually add banners, login ads or any other type of ad to any members account. As the admin, give your own members account a ton of ads to get your site started.
  • Edit Promo Codes – Add and edit promo codes for members. Edit the total amount of redeems for each code and add the advertising or account upgrade for each code.
  • VIP Promo Codes – Add and edit the promo codes that VIP members can receive if they login daily and check the VIP promo code section. These codes will randomly rotate.
  • View All Banners – View the solo ads in the system that members have submitted.
  • View All Free Ads – View the free ads in the system that members have submitted.
  • View All Premium Ads – View the premium ads in the system that members have submitted.
  • View All Login Ads – View the login ads in the system that members have submitted.
  • View All Hotlink Ads – View the hotlink ads in the system that members have submitted.
  • View All Rotator URLs – View the Rotator URLs in the system that members have submitted.


  • View Members – Admin can view a complete list of all members on the site. Shows username, email address and who their referrer was. Ability for admin to login as any member by clicking on a member name.
  • Search Members – Search for a member by using a username, email address or name.
  • Upgrade Member – Admin can manually upgrade members to any level.


  • Add Promo Banners – Admin can add new promo banners for affiliates to use. Adding here will automatically add them to the members area, ready for affiliates to use with their referral URL built in.
  • Add Promo Emails – Admin can add new promo email ads for affiliates to use. They will show in the Tools & Stats or affiliate tools page automatically.
  • Top Referring URLs – Shows the top referring URLs. The web address that has brought the most signups to your site.


  • OTO Settings – This is where you edit the settings for the One Time Offer. Change the price, advertising amounts and account level upgrade that members will receive after purchasing.
  • OTO 2 Settings – This is where you edit the settings for the One Time Offer 2. Change the price, advertising amounts and account level upgrade that members will receive after purchasing.
  • Offer Page 1 – Change the settings for the offer 1 page. Use for special upgraded accounts or special ad packages that members can buy.
  • Offer Page 2 – Change the settings for the offer 2 page. Use for special upgraded accounts or special ad packages that members can buy.
  • Offer Page 3 – Change the settings for the offer 3 page. Use for special upgraded accounts or special ad packages that members can buy.
  • Offer Page 4 – Change the settings for the offer 4 page. Use for special upgraded accounts or special ad packages that members can buy.


Membership Site Features

List of features and tools that members will have access to with the Ad Board Script.

Check out the Live Membership Site


  • Free Membership – Members can signup free and have the chance to upgrade their accounts to higher levels or buy advertising.
  • Post Free Ads Daily – Members can login to their accounts and post ads every day for free.
  • Premium Advertising – Members can purchase premium ads in yellow or autopost ads, hotlink ads, login ads plus more!
  • AutoPost Ads – Members can now set up an ad once and then it gets posted automatically every day to the ad boards.
  • Member Profile Box – Members can add their top 5 favorite links, a photo, facebook, twitter and blog links plus favourite 468×60 and 125×125 banners.
  • Free Promo Codes – Members receive a free welcome promo code giving them hotlink and banner ads. This gets members excited and signing up to the site.
  • Easy To Promote  – Members have instant promotional emails, banners, tweets plus more tools to easily promote your site.
  • Referral Link Cloaker – Members get access to a link cloaker so they can cloak and track hits to their links.
  • Link Rotator Tool – Members can add links using the link rotator tool. Allowing one link to rotate several different URLs.
  • Instant Affiliates – Members are instant affiliates with a unique URL and can earn commissions for promoting and getting sales.
  • Cut & Paste Tools – Affiliates get easy to use cut and paste code for the promo banners and emails.
  • Banner Preview – Members can preview banners when they set them up.
  • Save Ads – Members can save their ads, which enables them to setup easily next time.
  • Referral Tracking – “Came From” feature under “Tools & Stats” showing members where their referrals are coming from
  • Downline Builder – Members can signup and add their URLs to the Downline builder.
  • Automatic Upgrades – Members are upgraded automatically and advertising is added automatically.
  • One Account Only – The script only allows 1 unique IP address to signup – preventing fraudulent signups.
  • Auto Account Deletion – All emails contain an instant account deletion link! This will save you and your members time if anyone wants to delete their account.
  • Forgot Password – Forgot password feature on member login page.
  • Verified Accounts Only – Members cannot use website until they have verified their account.


Why do I need a Membership Site?

‘Membership sites keep people coming back to your site so you get daily traffic. Members will refer others increasing traffic and signups with a viral effect! You are building your list as the admin and can email members any time you like.

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