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‘As an Internet Marketer for over 17 years, I have worked with several Internet Marketers, but no one, and I mean no one stands out in terms of service like Phil from During my 17 years of Internet Marketing I don’t lightly give out a testimonial to anyone, unless that individual has proven him/herself well-deserving. I have used Phil’s services time and time again and he has never failed me. As you may know, customer support is what is often lacking in this business, but Phil is the exception in this area. He’s always willing to help and yes, he works with you until your problem is resolved. If you’re thinking about building a real online presence with a real online business, then you must try his custom membership sites for yourself. I have a network of theses sites which are my money makers. I am sure you will join me later in expressing similar sentiment about Phil’s services.’

Henry Lake

‘This is just a quick shout out to Phil and his MembershipSite script. If you’re looking for a good investment, look no further! I’m not the most tech savvy person but Phil was very patient in helping me with all my support questions. Once everything was setup the way I wanted it, I literally made back my investment with Phil from one private mailing and the site isn’t even “officially” launched yet! Thanks Phil and’

Terry Phong

‘In 2010 I was trying to figure out how to make money online and I subscribed to all kinds of website programs, made a few dollars, never made that much. So I started looking at these websites and I saw I thing they all had in common, and that was they had a sign up form. They were all building lists of leads that they could use it was there own list, so I started to hunt for a website, and finally one day I found Phil’s. I liked it and then sent him a message that I was interested in buying a site so I did. He allowed me to make payments and that was great, Phil is a good person I since it though I’ve never spoke to him but in the e-mails I since he has a good heart which goes a long way because he goes out of his way to help. This means alot to me, or if you have one, but you need to enlarge it and build a quality list for it. Then owning one of Phil’s Custom Membership Sites should be your very next step. Do not hesitate, just go for it. Phil will do his best to help you out and you will have your own site in no time. All of his creations are clean and visually attractive. He will work with you on your ideal graphics and will accommodate all your preferences. You do not need any extra knowledge, the admin panel is intuitive and simple to move around, there is nothing harder than in any average backoffice panel. All together, I highly recommend Phil’s sites and service!’

Freddie Morales

‘I was impressed with Phil’s sites but I needed something specific.  Phil was able to pinpoint my goals and made modifications to set me up with the exact site I was looking for. From the launch Phil continued to earn my trust with reliable support and patience.  Phil is one of the “Good Guys” in the business and I recommend him without reservation.’

Ben Olszewski

‘I would highly recommend a membership site to anyone who is serious about making money online. The setup process was very smooth and problem free. My website was up and running the very next day after purchasing. Phil also provides excellent customer support and is always there to answer any questions you may have. Rest assured you’re getting a very lucrative business from a very supportive seller. I never regretted my decision to purchase a membership site. Thanks!’

Kerry Cole

‘I have been wanting my own membership site for a long time and I can only thank Phil for making it happen. Not only I got it, but it is also fully featured with everything a marketer and site owner needs to succeed. It has been very profitable and this is just the start! Phil himself, is a top guy, always available for any questions and great costumer support. Not only that, my affiliates are having a kick promoting my site. So thanks for the design and the included features that makes affiliates happy to promote it even further, as they too are making great commissions from it!’

Bruno Duarte

‘After seemingly countless Google searches and checking out site after site, I FINALLY found what I was looking for when I met Phil at  I have seen and regrettably purchased some “not so professional” scripts in my day.  I knew there had to be someone out there offering top quality solutions at a reasonable price. Having been online a while, I leaned to begin a dialogue first with vendors to “feel them out”, if you will, before I Paypal my hard earned money. Phil earned my trust immediately, answered all my questions, and subsequently, I purchased a script. The beauty part is that he continued his excellent customer service after the sale!  He promptly addressed every concern I had until I was completely satisfied, which is a breath of fresh air!  Props to Phil and I’m looking forward to expanding my business using his services.’

Nathan Gurley

‘I bought a new web site from Phil at a couple of months ago. He has been, and continues to be a great help. Site is up and running nicely having members join, use the site and spent a little money promoting. Very happy with the experience for me Phil is an efficient go to! I highly recommend owning your own site!’

Ron Holcomb

‘I’ve always wanted to have my own downline builder site for years.  Since I’m not very tech savvy it just seemed like a pipe dream. Thanks to Phil’s custom membership sites my dream has finally come true!  His sites are top notch and he provides great support.  When I’m ready to launch my next site I will be buying from Phil again.  Thank you Phil for the opportunity you provide.’

Aaron Ballantyne

‘I wanted a One Stop Zone for all my team to view my downline builder I have been using for years. Teaching them how to generate a real income online. Avoiding all the false hype and scams online. Where all they needed to do was promote the one link, their team would duplicate the same system. So all members would start to generate numerous income resources. I simply emailed Phil my ideas on what I wanted to achieve. I put it all in his hands. He suggested the right script to use. He designed everything I requested turning my dream into a reality. He is a master in his craft. What he designed for me was more than I expected. I strongly recommend to purchase the down line builder script to have all your links at the one location to introduce your team to your working system. My only regret is that I did not order the domain and script years ago. Phil does not leave you out in the cold. He explains everything in plain english until you understand. It’s time to move past the hype and nonsense about getting rich overnight. Let Phil plug you into his system and show you how to create an income online.’

Maree Wells