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Major update and new membership site released May 2018.

As a site owner you will get Instant Access to the new and updated ‘Membership Site Success’, an extremely valuable membership site exclusive to customers only.

Inside you will find script installation instructions, how to setup your admin account plus tips, training and resources to get you members and make your membership site a success!

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My Background & Experience

Learn my background and experience in creating custom membership sites.

‘Hi there, my name is Phil and I am the Admin and Website Designer behind

I wanted to share my background and how this site came about so you get a better understanding of my experience and expertise in creating custom membership sites.

I had been designing many websites for since 2001 and it was in 2005 when I first got into Internet Marketing and making money online with my first site It was the ‘good old days’ back then and it was easier to get traffic and rankings on Google and making money from Google AdSense. I was first introduced to these scripts after signing up to one of Frank Salinas’ first sites using this script in 2008. I signed up free then found myself buying an advertising package. My first thought was that the person who owned the site was making a LOT of money effortlessly! Once in the members area I discovered a navigation link advertising a ‘clone’ of the very same ad site that I had signed up too.

I bought a script, installed it on the recommend hosting account, designed my own graphics and had my very 1st AdExchange membership site. Within the first week of advertising my site, I had already made my money back from buying the domain, script and hosting account.

With several months I had 5 traffic AdExchange sites and was doing quite well earning a passive income. It was exciting having money coming in on auto-pilot directly to my Paypal account. I ended up selling several of my sites to happy new owners. Others were interested in having their own site so I created to utilize my design skills to create sites for others. To the present day I have helped and designed graphics for well over 300 clients and sites.

To move to the next level I needed to own the scripts and have complete freedom with creating sites for clients.. and what ended up happening was me being the owner of Frank Salinas’ AdExchange scripts plus the AdBoard Script from Greg Chadwick.

So now.. I can offer my services to design a range of different custom membership sites for my clients.

Stay tuned for this site being updated often, new scripts being created plus resources to help you make money online.

Thanks for your time!’

Phil @