There are different payment options available here at

This page helps explain them with more detail.

One Time Payments:
When you make a one time payment for a site, then you pay for the site once and you own it. You will get given access to the admin area and be sent cPanel hosting details as well.

Renting Sites:
When renting sites, you pay an initial payment for the first month, then another one month later and for every month until you cancel. You will not get access to cPanel when renting sites.

Payment Plans:
When buying a site with a payment plan, you make an initial payment, then every month until all payments have been made. You will get cPanel access when paid in full.


Failed Payments: If you are on a subscription plan and a payment fails, you will receive an email saying the system will try again in 3 days. If it fails again, it will attempt payment 3 more times and fail after the 4th unsuccessful attempt. If this happens, I will personally notify you and ask if you are wanting to continue payments for renting or payment plan etc. It is fine to continue and a new payment link will be sent to you. And if you want to cancel, or don’t respond then the site and admin access will be returned to

Renting Sites Payments Canceled:
If your renting subscription payments failed 4 times, the subscription would have canceled.
Please contact support to arrange a new subscription link.


Any other ways to pay?

Yes, get in touch to discuss other ways to pay. This is only available for one time payments.

Customer Billing

If you are a customer you can view all past transactions, active recurring subscriptions, download invoices, update credit card details etc on the following page. You will need your email address and the order number you received after ordering.

Customer Order Login

Or you may have invoices setup through

Updating Credit Card Details – You can do this with the Customer Order Login link above or through MSH you can pay a new invoice and save details.

Cancel Renting A Site – You can cancel renting your site by sending me an email and letting me know which site. Please pay out all commissions owed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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