Sites For Sale

  • What are the costs of running my own membership site?

    Once you own a site/script, you only need to renew the domain name and your hosting account to keep the site online. I can offer my clients fast, secure & affordable hosting through my website server at MembershipSiteHosting.com starting at $6.95 monthly and domain name registration for $19.95 yearly.

  • Do I need any special knowledge to run a membership site?

    If you are newbie and know nothing about internet marketing, then yes you can admin a site. There are video tutorials to help you understand the Admin area of the script. All script and site owners get exclusive access to MembershipSiteSuccess.com an exclusive resources membership site for customers of CustomMembershipSites.com. You can also email me for support anytime. The main thing you need to is get traffic to your site, encourage affiliates, and then simply login daily to approve members banner ads and premium advertising they have submitted to be shown on the site. The script runs everything else on auto-pilot! Payments, upgrades, advertising added, autoresponder emails, affiliate tools, members area all done for you and ready to go!

  • Do I need to know HTML to operate my site?

    No you don’t need to know HTML to be able to run your site. If setup by me then the site will be complete. The Ad Exchange Script has a built in Visual Editor that makes editing of content easy. If you do have HTML experience or design then it can be helpful to edit your site and develop and keep updated.

  • How do I promote my site to get traffic, members signing up and build my list?

    New site owners get access to MembershipSiteSuccess.com that has huge lists of other sites where you can promote your site for free or upgrade to get additional advertising power and benefits. There are currently over 25 top traffic sites with free promo codes to get your ads seen! Once you have some members, you’ll want to encourage them to promote your site as an affiliate using the 12 banners and other promo resources included with each site. They will send traffic to your site and helps you get signups, upgrades and sales. As the Admin you can email all members with offers from time to time, or setup the autoresponder to get messages delivered on auto-pilot!

  • How much time is required to run my membership site?

    You can spend as little as 5 minutes a day to maintain your site. These sites are set up to run on auto-pilot, accept for approving premium advertising that members purchase. This is to ensure that members post appropriate content and so banners are the correct size and don’t appear as broken links. A few minutes is all you need to spare. But to make your site grow and be successful, you’ll want to put as much time and effort in as you can on content, offers, or promoting the site to get members. The more you put in the more you get out, so make your site creative and encourage members to be active on your site!

  • What are these membership sites being sold?

    These sites give anyone and everyone the opportunity to take the next easy step to success by being the owner of a profitable membership site. I enjoy the creative process of putting these sites together and giving others the chance and excitement of owning their own membership site. It’s a proven way to make money online using the latest internet marketing strategies and formulas for success.

  • Is there competition from other advertising sites and script owners?

    There are many different types of ad exchanges and advertising sites out there, but this works as an advantage because they are the perfect place to advertise your site on! Members don’t just signup to one site, they use a lot of sites that are all networked together, just like you and I do to advertise, build our downlines and earn commissions. They are used to these types of sites so are your target market and will signup to your site with ease. There’s also plenty of people online that love these sites. I’ve had over 39,000 people signup to PostAdsDaily.com since 2008 and it’s continually growing and building my lists daily. Get start today and build your own membership sites!


Hosting Accounts

  • Can you provide me with a hosting account?

    Yes, I can offer my clients secure & affordable hosting through my company MembershipSiteHosting.com starting at $6.95 monthly and can offer domain name registration service for $19.95 yearly..

  • I already have hosting, can I use that?

    Yes, the site files and database can be setup or transferred to your preferred hosting account. You must have cPanel, and an available Addon Domain and Database. If you don’t have hosting yet you can take over the account that the Sites For Sale are already on.

  • I don't know how to transfer a site, can you help?

    Yes, I can take care of everything and transfer the site for you. This is free transfer for all Sites For Sale that are still within the 3 months free hosting. If at a later date you want to transfer then this may incur a site transfer fee.

  • Can I upgrade my hosting at any time?

    Yes just get in touch and your account can be upgraded to suit your requirements.

  • What is the cheapest hosting account I can get?

    You can get a hosting account with us starting with MembershipSiteHosting.com is the Bronze Account which can host 1 site for $6.95 monthly. This is a great price and means I can help give you support faster and our hosting is advertising friendly.

  • Do I get a cPanel access to my hosting?

    Yes you will get access to a cPanel where you can manage your account, set up email accounts and access the script PHP files etc.

  • Is there a Hosting Knowledge Base?

    Yes on MembershipSiteHosting.com you will find a ton of helpful info under Hosting Knowledge Base. Content is categorized to make it easy finding help.

Domain Names

  • What is a domain name?

    A domain name is the URL or address for your website. You want to choose a great domain name to start with. Domains can be great investments. Choose your own domain name or get one of our domains that are perfect for these membership site scripts.

  • Where do I get domain names from?

    If you want to register a new domain name you can do it through my site MembershipSiteHosting.com for $19.95 yearly.

  • I need help choosing a domain, can you help?

    Yes, send me an email to phil@custommembershipsites.com and let me know what script or site idea you had in mind. I can do some research and let you know the best available domains that I can find.

  • Can I transfer my domain name to another registrar?

    If you want to transfer to a different registrar I can send you the transfer code that you will need to complete the transfer.

  • How much do domains cost yearly?

    You can do it through my site MembershipSiteHosting.com for $19.95 yearly.

Creating Custom Membership Sites

  • How do I create my own site?

    Goto ‘Get Started’ on the top menu and then ‘Create A Site Yourself’ you will see a list of instructions and steps to take. If this is all too hard for you then you can simply order a custom site and everything will be done for you.

  • Do I need a domain name and hosting account?

    Yes you will need a domain name and hosting account for your site script. You will also need to create a database for the script to work. I can offer affordable hosting through my site MembershipSiteHosting.com

  • I'm not sure what script to use for my membership site?

    I can recommend owning an Ad Exchange or Ad Board site to start with or send me an email to phil@custommembershipsites.com and let me know what any ideas you had in mind. I can suggest a script or create a custom site based on your ideas.

Membership Site Scripts

  • What is a ‘Script’?

    A ‘Script’ is the code, files and database the runs your membership site. It is the Admin control panel, members area and all the necessary coding to automate most features of the sites. These scripts are created using PHP. Admin can add html under ‘Edit Pages’ section that updates certain parts of your site e.g. offer pages, members area, front page, login ads etc.. There a lots of areas to edit making these scripts very easy to customize!

  • How do I install the scripts myself?

    Look in the top menu under Support, you will see Script Install Instructions. Choose your script and then follow the step by step instructions. If you get stuck or need the script installed for you then get in touch with me. A full script install is under ORDER NOW for $29. All that is needed is your cPanel login details.

  • Which is the best script to use?

    It depends which types of site that you want to create or own. The Ad Exchange or Ad Board scripts are highly recommend and very profitable. The Downline Builder and Link Cloaking sites are also great sites to own and are very popular for internet marketers to use. It’s also recommended to own a network or sites or one of each script. That way you cover all bases and own a variety of different sites.

  • How do these membership site scripts make money?

    Members signup free to use the tools on the membership site e.g. posting free ads to get traffic, cloak links or build their downlines. They are then taken through the special built in sales funnel that these scripts have. Free members have the chance to upgrade their accounts to a higher level that comes with premium advertising that is shown through-out the site. You receive the payments for these ads and upgrades via your payment processor.

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