ATTN: Admin’s and Site Owners! Phil here from and from the popular advertising site since 2008. I am the proud new owner of Frank Salinas’ Ad Exchange and Greg Chadwick’s Ad Board Scripts. I am offering my graphic design, website design & internet marketing knowledge to help you create custom profitable membership sites. Please explore my site and get in touch if you require any services or help. If you are interested in any services.

*Please note these videos were created by Frank and are also from the earlier version of the AdExchange Script which has the same features as this link cloaking script. It is being displayed in a ‘frame’ window built into the script & linking to a new page on my new site, no files have been changed on your site.

Video Tutorials

The following videos will help you understand the Admin area of the Link Rotating Script. They cover the general features & settings, so you will learn everything you need to know to get you up and running in no time at all!

Video Tutorial 1

Video Tutorial 2

Video Tutorial 3

Video Tutorial 4

Video Tutorial 5

Video Tutorial 6

Video Tutorial 7

Video Tutorial 8

Video Tutorial 9

Video Tutorial 10

Video Tutorial 11

Video Tutorial 12