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(Web Designer & Internet Marketer from New Zealand)

‘There’s no long sales letter here to convince you why you should own membership sites. I get emails daily from people wanting to make money online & many don’t know where to begin.. well, I have the answer!

You Need To Own Membership Sites That Sell Advertising & Account Upgrades.

Since 2008, I have designed graphics for hundreds of people through my old site and helped dozens more setup their own profitable membership sites. Since January 2014, I am the proud new owner of Frank Salinas’ Ad Exchange & Ad Board scripts & created to expand my business and provide you with even more cool services.

Membership sites are the ultimate online business as you will come to realize. Sit back, relax & enjoy the benefits of becoming owner and admin of a profitable membership site.

Want proof? Check out my successful site with over 34,000 members since 2008 and making me money every day!’

Step #1: Choose a Script

Scripts are the foundation of your membership site. Choose from our professional Scripts to get you up and running in no time at all.

Link Cloaker Script

Downline Builder Script

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