Compare The Scripts

Essentially the 3 scripts Ad Exchange, List Builder and Downline Builder all based off the same main script, the Ad Exchange Script. The back end for admin has all the same options and features.

The difference is the admin settings, and the content your members will see. Take a look below to understand the differences in each site/script.

Ad Exchange Script

The Ad Exchange Script has all features and options enabled, selling advertising account upgrades and making use of all the features. Members will want to join to get traffic to the sites or programs they are promoting. Members will upgrade to higher levels to get ad packages, more commissions and other benefits for upgraded members.

Main Focus: Providing advertising & referral commissions for members

List Builder Script

The List Builder Script is setup to give members a focus on building their lists with resources, training and tools. Members can also add their autoresponder lead capture form to the front page of the site.

Main Focus: Providing list building resources and a lead capture system

Downline Builder Script

The Downline Builder Script has the main focus on the downline builder section allowing members to join your recommended programs. You can add unlimited categories and programs to the downline builder, as well as get completely separate additional ones added with the Extra Downline Builder Mod.

Main Focus: Providing a system for members to get referrals to multiple programs