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Get your site SSL secure with a green padlock in the browser address bar, plus access to an exclusive membership site called ‘Membership Site Security’ with additional security resources and bonuses!

Get Your Site Secured Now

HTTPS & SSL Mod Setup $50



Important Security Announcement

Get Your Site SSL Secure + Extra Security Resources

“I was told it wasn’t possible but after endless hours of researching myself, I discovered how to make the scripts HTTPS secure. The main issue was with banners being submitted and shown on your site without https://. It would break the site security and padlock on your site, and essentially look bad for visitors. Now your site will always be HTTPS and insecure banners will not show. After your site is secured, you will find around 80-90% of member banners will show correctly. I have created a new site called where you and your members can upload banners and get a secure URL to use!”

Phil @

What will I get?

  • The HTTPS Mod setup on your membership site
  • Increase your Google Rankings by using SSL
  • More Transactions by increasing security and trust
  • Essential Security Tips for your site & online business
  • Additional Security Resources on cPanel, 2FA + more!
  • Upgraded VIP Account at
  • Lifetime Membership at

Please Note: This offer is currently only available to admins who have their sites hosted at – This is because I know it works on my server and I can offer no recurring SSL costs.

EXTRA BONUS: When your site is https:// secure, images and banners that are from an unsecure server will NOT show on your site. You should find around 80-90% of members banners will be secure, but from now on images that are not secure will show as a broken image. When submitting banners, members will be able to preview their links to see if their banners are secure. If not, they will be able to join this brand new solution for securing banners called Your members will be able to grab their own secure banner links and easily add to your site!

Get your site secure for a one time payment of $50 USD for the HTTPS Mod Setup. The mod will be installed on each site you order it for. You will able to manage your orders through your account at


Get Your Site Secured Now
HTTPS & SSL Mod Setup $50