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Membership Site Graphics

Extra Graphics Package

Want even more great looking graphics on top of the main site design, 12 banners and the bonus 3D membership card that your site already has? Grab an additional VIP Graphics Package for your new Membership Site + access to the new membership site area for admins at


Get Additional Graphics Now
One time payment of just $69


GDPR Compliance

Get immediate GDPR compliance for your membership site without needing extra expensive software or investing the time and research into what is required. Your membership site will have a small overlay box in the bottom left corner telling users to accept cookies. They will also be able to access the Privacy Center to show a popup box with all of your site terms, policies and the necessary forms for erasing and requesting data that are essential for GDPR compliance.


Get The GDPR Mod Setup Now
One time payment of just $25


Membership Site Upgrades

Highest Level Upgrades

Get Upgraded On All (11) Of My Sites! Get your accounts upgraded to the HIGHEST levels on ALL of my sites. All upgrades are for LIFETIME and a ‘ONE TIME ONLY’ payment!
Phil @


Get Upgraded on 11 Sites Now
One time payment of just $199


HTTPS & SSL Security

Get your site SSL secure with a green padlock in the browser address bar, plus access to an exclusive membership site called ‘Membership Site Security’ with additional security resources and bonuses!

Get Your Site Secured Now

SSL $29.95 yearly + HTTPS Mod Setup $50


reCAPTCHA Protection

Ensure your Membership Site is clean from spam accounts with this reCAPTCHA mod that protects your website from spam and abuse. reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site. Before submitting the signup form, visitors will need to check the box to ensure they are human, or select several images based on a question. Get this mod added to your site and today those spam accounts today!


Get The Recaptcha Mod Setup Now
One time payment of just $15

Upgrade to Script Version 4.0

All scripts have been updated to version 4.0 mid November 2019. If you want your current sites upgraded, you can do so with the options below.

NEW VERSION 4.0! Includes the HTTPS Mod, GDPR Mod, reCaptcha Mod, Stripe SCA/3D Secure Mod plus other great features and benefits with this brand new membership site script version. (November 2019)


Get Your Site Upgraded to 4.0 Now
One time payment or option available for renters.